Monday, December 21, 2009

thanks my frens :)

it's edi 3.18am, so should be ytd edi.
ytd 9.30am only wake up after the morning call.
watch Avatar at Jusco Cheras Selatan after hav my breakfast at Oldtown again.
the movie was kinda nice, worth to watch ^^
eat ice at 100Yen before back home.
it's not as nice as connaught 1 ne.
anyway, thanks for my fren' accompanion :)
thanks for the compliments.
sorry for my answer.
i trust i did make a rite decision.
online for the whole afternoon, downloads songs and lyrics.
recently hav many nice songs but most of it is sad song.
i'm still get used of it and like it much ^^
around 8pm my fren remind me for dinner.
after took a shower den went for dinner at Happy 4 Season located at Wangsa Maju.
this is the second time i went there.
the first time we had tried winter and this time we go for Autumn !
it's kinda nice cuz it's so windy today and i saw stars too.
but too bad the food not really very Yum + hav ppl smoke cuz it is open-air for Autumn.
anyway, i still love the place :D
i did drive again just now !
back to my place from pandan indah.
1st time drive highway after get my license xP
i knew i should shame for it laA ~
but come on, at least i DID juz now wulala xD
reached home around 1.15am and blogging until now !
it's going to 4am edi.
gotta sleep !
night people

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