Tuesday, December 8, 2009

genting 1 day trip ~

yay yay !
went to genting with sis and relative today.
1day trip :D
the weather is soooo nice . .
many mist and cold cold ^^
after hav ur breakfast there den went to theme park.
the timing not really good cuz many people today so long queue for games.
wait for almost 1hour our 1hour +.
sumore many games oso close down due to the weather.
such as cyclone, space shot and corkscrew.
the most fun game for me on today is the Sungai Rejang Flume Ride.
cuz it's my first time for this game and get the chance to shout yet get wet xD
felt kinda cold after get wet and kinda tired oso.
but den it was still enjoyable for me ^^
had dinner at there before back home.
reached home around 10pm and took a rest.
den went to hav supper at station 1 in night time.
while chatting den talk bout KLCC and suggested bring my relatives go for KL night view.
hav a round there and went back home, it's edi 1am.
such a nice day ^^

sis and me.cousin and aunt.yii, big kids xDdinasour land.after get wet xD

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