Sunday, December 13, 2009


my haven-wake-up-look xD
today wake up automaticlly at 9.30am.
i think if didn't go for date in the morning I'll continue sleep d heheh
last night Qian suddenly ask me wanna go for badminton anot.
seen i'm nothing to do in the morning surely i'm interest with it :)
guess where we rent the court ?
it's my primary school - SJK (C) NAAM KHEUNG !! muahaha
had been quite a time didn't go back edi, miss there much ^^
hav breakfast at old town before go for the badminton.
reached there around 11pm+ and played until 1pm +.
prefer badminton den jogging xP
after the sport den walk around the school and talk about the kid-time-stories ^^
:Dthis wall is the history representive.
wanna thanks wei yuan for looking the available stadium and booking the court and fetched me today :)
leave school around 2pm and have my lunch at damai perdana before back home.
kinda tired today but den i'm happy too ^^
in the evening, went to 1U with family.
wearing the new shoe + my tired leg is really equal to PAIN OMG
after tat went to meet up my eldest sis at PJ and hav our dinner.
reached home already bout 10pm+..
another tired yet happy day ^^
disturb my sis online xP

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