Thursday, December 3, 2009


wake up in d early morning and thinking wanna go tuition anot leh.
why? not because im lazy, is because it's raining !
but at last i gotta go na, heheh . .
after tuition went to maluri jusco purposely wanna buy something for sis.
coincidence that Limin wanna buy bday present for her dad.
so we went there together and hav lunch together too .
met long-time-no-see de Estelle and our dearest Pn. Lee kaka
reached home around 4.30pm and fall asleep very soon.
mayb too tired edi, bout 7pm only wake up and online.
watch the movie, murderer with mummy.
the story line similar as Orphan but i still prefer Orphan because the ending is better.
found tat in this world have many kind of people.
and many unexpected things might happened in our life.
i think i really should change my thinking which 'everyone have feeling and no bad people in this world'
i trust someone did somethings bad oso hav their own reason and that is not what they want.
mayb this world really not as what i figure ?

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