Monday, December 7, 2009

bored post :P

6th DEC 2009

it's sunday !!
it's family day :)
morning went to rawang visit my autie.
and another autie from taiping oso went to there edi.
stay at there chit chat until evening and they went to my home stay overnitez.
after reached home took shower den went out to leisure hav dinner.
felt so nice to spend time with family ne ^^
recently i always fulfill my time.
it's precious =D
p/s: imy family.

7th DEC 2009

woke up early morning today, did something healthy with Qian which is jogging :)
finally we went to jogging this time.
i recognise the road to permaisuri leh xD
although i should be, but i always forget 1, kaka.
reached there bout 7.30am and finished around 8.30am.
seem like it still early, so went to hav breakfast at yulek, dim sum :)

reached home nearly 10am, after took a shower den prepared go out edi.
went to times square with sis and relatives tat came from taiping.
after 1hour den i leave them cuz gotta go to tuition edi.
who noe no bus and im late to tuition about 15mins >.<*
tuition until 6pm and kinda tired edi.
tat's all for today.
times square.
my aunties and cousin.
p/s: 1 more tuition class to go, muahaha !

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