Thursday, December 24, 2009


wee !
woke up kinda late today.
dunno why so tired, 12pm my sis oni wake me up.
after lunch nothing to do so go to the mines hav a walk.
decided went for movie, the only choice is Alvin and the Chipmunks :D
really really a very GREAT movie
i'm gotta watch it again tml, HAHAH !
after back from movie den went for hair treatment :)
Christmas and my birthday is just around the corner!! kaka
today is Christmas eve na.
went to Cowboy hav steak as dinner with family just now ~
quite a lots ppl mayb will out with frens for celebration.
but den as i noe it is like the date for family members to gather :)
after dinner den went to KL area, there was kinda jam but den no countdown party.
the same goes to KLCC area too, but den KLCC not jam la.
my fren told me even Genting also no celebration for Christmas ?
it's was like OMG, how come ? :S
not much Christmas feeling oso.
hav our supper at mcD before back home.
i'm satisfy with this Christmas eve with my lovely family
sleepy-look xD
it was bout 1.30am edi~

May you all have a happy and joyful Christmas :)

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