Monday, December 28, 2009


no contact lens + no make up + BIG eye circles >.<
oh yea, yesterday din go out celebrate v frens.
sumone told me something and i only realize it was so true !
our birthday is the date mum give birth, we should celebrate with her :D
yesterday went to shopping with sis and mum @ Pavilion and Lot 10.
den hav tea time at Wong Kok restaurant.
yum ^^
quite a relax day :)
after had my dinner at home den fren ask out for a drinks.
seen i nothing to do so okie luh, went to Look out point ^ ~ ^
chat a lots and finally i knew what's going on edi xD
apologize for I let's it happened and hope my fren dun unhappy liao cheer :)
reached home edi 12am+ le.
den online till 5am for upload those pics taken on saturday night.
unbelievable that i woke up on 2.30pm today !
den watch movie and online for whole day =S
in the evening mum told me wanna hav dinner at sushi king de.
but den my sis suggest wanna go shopping and thr dun hav sushi king :(
seen tat she gonna back to singapore on tml so i juz okay with it luh.
sis, saw it ? i so sayang you one. muahaha
ended up hav our dinner at food and tea :)
cheese baked again, addicted >.<bout 10.30pm den edi so tired and wanna back home.
aiks, moody le !
gonna lonely again after sis go back to singapore.
and upper 6 life gotta start in 1more week !
busy life again, hopefully there will be no more friendship problem.
wish everythings go smooth :)

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