Wednesday, December 2, 2009

yay yay ~

♥ ♥
kinda tired today.
but oso kinda enjoy =)
although today morning a bit not too good in mood.
early morning whack up by mummy due to jusco' member sales.
reached there bout 9am and hav our breakfast before went into jusco.
kinda satisfied with wat i bought today oso d.
kaka, met Mr. John sumore and chat a while.
miss him a lots !!
bout 11am went to Qian house while waiting for the tuition class at 2pm.
the lesson today kinda boring d, topic is pembetulan kesilapan.
but den teacher finish his class at 4.30pm, muahaha.
dunno is good or bad xD
while waiting my fren to fetch me den went to mcD again.
due to Qian suggest to hav a makan session before back home so i suggest The Mines =)
went back to the place which hav some good memories.
first tot will be kinda sad but opposite tat i quite enjoy the session.
yea, it's passed, wat to sad leh . . . . . . hahah
tml tuition morning again, cham ah !!
but hav a gud news tat my sis will be back on sat ~ hooray !!
Lake view.
K - Kwan

L - Lian


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