Saturday, December 5, 2009

yea ~

weet !~
my sis was back.
more laughter in house edi. kaka
today woke up kinda early online before went out.
met up with Qian, Wei keong, wen yi and her Barry at KLCC for Pc fair.
when waiting Wen yi and Barry, coincidence met with kuan hin and kok keong.
Pc fair not so pack as i expected, good for us and bad for companies. hehe
walked few rounds and do survey for wei keong' external HD.
met some frens too which working at Pc there.
think this time din get hired in Pc fair oso good d.
cuz can watch movie with sis and visit relative tml hahah! yea, comforting myself xD
it's about 4pm when wei keong and Qian left, they dump me alone sooo bad xD
so i went to hav my lunch at A&W while waiting my sis.
kinda tired tat time x.x
finally my sis reached and shop a while before went to the movie.
watched 2012, i had been wait sooo long time cuz waiting she back to watch v me.
im such a good sis leh? muahaha
the movie kinda touched for me although some scene really quite fake.
what would you do during end of the world ?
we must try to do something for the earth :)

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