Sunday, December 20, 2009

tired yet happy ^ ~ ^

Yesterday after back home took shower den went to Jusco.
bought movie tickets for today and oso take away my lunch at Oldtown.
den heading to Bukit Jalil, it's not as jam as we expect when we reached.
walk around and it's still hav about 2hours to start.
so i suggested get into car listen song and chit chat :)
bout 7.30pm we went out again and it's started hav a lots of ppl edi.
luckily we not stand too far in the zone, 3rd row like tat.
den the zone in front of us was VIP so wouldn't block us ^^
Ritchie is the first singer to perform, his songs is the most many ppl noe sing 1 i think.
no matter uncle, auntie nor youngster. heheh
as i rmb, i like 劉力楊 performance.
she have her own personality and style while her song nice too :)
the last singer is Kelly, it's make the situation high to the max by singing 5 fast songs out of 6 songs.
can see that everyone was shaking their hands, legs nor body.
there were some fireworks too in d end !
such a good ending
it's ended around 12am.
hav dinner-supper at Kaki Corner due to my empty stomach x.x
when it's about to reach home i felt like wanna drive and i DID drive !!
that is my 3rd times drive after get my license at April.
kinda nervous but den it's still okay.
wish i can drive well very soon !
p/s : Thanks a lots to the-one ^~^

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