Wednesday, December 9, 2009

na la la ~

kinda late sleep last night.
today sleep until enough and wake up automaticlly at 11am :)
went to yulek hav lunch and went to KLCC hav a walk with sis and relatives.
bought a new shorts at Romp ^^
and tasted my yummy mexicon bun @ rotiboy. kaka
went back home around 5pm and rest while waiting for dinner.
my neighbour aka my aunt join us too, totally 8ppl headed to Klang hav bak kut teh.
felt like the journey kinda long but den the food really quite nice.
first time have a try on dry bak kut teh ne, heheh.
sista ^^same singlet same pant xP
after done our dinner, my aunt suggest go to see fireflies.
i'm kinda excited cuz din see before and long time ago edi felt like wanna see 1.
another long journey again and finally i'm there !!
ride on the traditional sampan and went along the Sungai Selangor to c kelip-kelip.
before heard tat the firefly getting less at there.
and juz now i saw A LOTS of fireflies on the tree.
it juz look like a fabulous christmas tree !!
plus, the shiny star on the dark sky, i really enjoy both of them much :DD
the river view make me felt like i'm in the movie scene.
u can't c the end and both side was full of tree while it's dark.
i really really can't believe it, heheh
the fireflies was in 15km of the river while we juz hav a look of 1km and i'm satisfy ^^
after this den yam cha session before back home.
the journey took us about 1hour ++.
another great day for me !!

p/s: i love holidays.

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