Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas :)

Merry Christmas :D

didn't get presiee from Mr. Santa today :(
but i received a present from my fren ^ ~ ^ thanks yea
went for Alvin and the Chipsmunk again today.
but guess wat ?
we watched half an hour only out from 1 hour 30 mins xD
didn't realize the flew of time when havin our lunch at Vivo restaurant @ times square !
all the way to there was kinda jam and that's why we were late.
quite a fun experience huh ? kaka
tea time at pavilion Wong Kok restaurant before back home.
met secondary frens again :)
they were big head, sue yoong, ka hoe and another duno wat name >.<*
this Christmas kinda fun yea ^ ~ ^
i'm excited for tomorrow night :D
wish i can fully enjoy !

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