Sunday, December 20, 2009

trips ♥

weeT ~
i'm back from hometown ytd !!
i'm came back alone, the main is to watch the concert.
my mum and sis oso back on monday le, alone in house for 2nights.
oh yea, this post is about these few days at my hometown, penang and cameron :)
tuesday reached hometown quite late and went to c wild boar after dinner.
they are scary for me cuz there are wild !
but den many ppl went there to c them and feed them. kaka

the next day early morning depart to ipoh before go to cameron.
purposely meet up my sis' fren to take something.
this is 2nd time i went to Cameron Highlands.
it's the place to relax although hav a bit boring.
however, i like the weather most :)

^~^sista~the way to Cameron.


we bought these cactus ^^
blueberries i think ?
c clearly !! there was a dancing couple ~

when we are about to leave, it's start raining.
how lucky we are, hahah !
hav dinner-supper with dad side' relative on the night.
my younger cousin sis did changed a lots !
she taller and thinner den me edi ~
but den as the olds time i still dunno wat to talk with them x.x
it's kinda tired after at cameron for whole day.
next day morning, we depart to butterworth visit my another relatives.
have our breakfast at there too, i like the food so much xD
while aunt chatting at there, i'm playing sudoku in d room and fall asleep edi.
actually planned to go penang tat day but den it's late edi after hav lunch.
s0 changed to shopping at there.
after dinner, my cousin brother suggest go to penang c night view.
only 4 of us went there, which is my sis, elder cousin bro, younger cousin sis and me.
although went to penang couple of times edi but this was the first time went thr at night :D
it's fun for me !
stop at petrol station bought some snacks before depart.
i enjoy the speed and light at highway and the songs playing in car while thinking the passed nor the future !
spend most of the time in car and juz 'long gai'. .
den stop at the beach side for twice.
the 2nd time time purposely chit chat while havin some snacks.
my cousin bro ask his fren out to chat, while i chat v my sis.
we did chat a lotsss of stuff until bout 2.30am +!
the real us, our feeling and thinking.
tears rolling in d eye and dropped, didn't think before will chat this much of stuffs v sis.
i really do appreaciate the night very much ♥
the next day was already friday !!
time flew ~
after hav our lunch den went to penang again.
went to snake temple, i think this year is the most many times i saw and touch snake ba.
heheh !
kinda fun there cuz of the snake show.
pass through many places too but didn't get down to visit.
and it's okie for me :)
the last stop is beach again before going back to my relative' place.
i love sea ^~^
king cobra.

in the ferry ~
it's so sempit cuz 4 ppl sit at behind and my cousin sleep like a pig
saturday morning after took a shower den went to hav breakfast edi.
it's time to back KL after that !!
i miss the moment

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