Tuesday, December 1, 2009

= )

hav a quite-nice-day oday =)
Dear Qian came to hav breakfast v me before went to tuition.
at last late bout 15 - 20mins, but we were not the most late 1.
the most late is late about 1 and half hour, kaka.
during the class, Dear ming yee ask me wanna sing k anot after d class.
seen nothing to do if back home so decided go with her.
so next station is Neway, opposite Leisure Mall.
kinda enjoy oso but still hav ppl fall asleep xD


back home bout 6pm.
when on d way back home mum called and said gotta celebrate relative' bday tonight.
so took shower after reached home and went out for dinner.
cut cake at my relative' house which is oso my neighbour.
den watched 'The Unbelievable' together until 11pm++.
felt soooo scary and cruel when watching @.@
hope wouldn't frighten myself on d coming days ! hahah

yea, these my day ~

bday boy.
yerrr, the background ~.~*
p/s : sorry for my bored pose, muahaha ~

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