Friday, December 11, 2009

busy day :)

friday, last tuition class on today for this year !!
woke up around 8am to hav my breakfast with family.
den back home prepare and went out edi.
planned 10am sing k @ greenbox d but den when reached room edi fulled @.@
tot morning not tat many ppl so din reserved last night.
but den who noe many ppl so hardworking went there so early to sing k.
kaka, seen it tak jadi so changed to watch movie.
so ngam tat storm warriors hav show at 10.30am.
overall the movie is not bad, luckily not complicated if not sure bored for me.
but den my sis and cousin said too least character edi and too simple not so nice.
heheh, truth oso d, most scene is oso wind VS cloud only x.x*
seen it still hav some times after the show so we went to greenbox sing half an hour.
too short time not so nice but wat to do leh, good student dun skip class 1 xD
bought whipped potato @ KFC den sis fetch me to LRT station.
i'm late again !! 10 minutes >.<*
while i'm tuition, my sis and cousin went to midvalley hav a walk.
finally tuition class ended and straight went to queens park tot wanna hav dinner at there.
but den there no more edi so we went to maluri jusco walk a while before back home.
i'm actually kinda tired edi cuz out for almost whole day.
but den my cousin will back to singapore tml so gotta fully use today.
in the night, we went to little genting c night view.
it's my first time, i'm still prefer look out point more cuz hav cafe and it's higher.
so i'm there just to enjoy play swing and eat snack and listening song.
while the relatives standing there to c night view and chatting.
yam cha session at steven corner before back home.
such a tired day .
but i'm went to bed on 4am cuz of insomia.
i dunno why am i so sad juz now.
i'm silence all the way during yam cha session.
i didn't eat anythings during the yam cha session.
i'm showing out my sadness through my expression.
i'm sorry.
once again i lost control without noe the reason clearly.
i'm cried in the silent night.
i really do hope the sadness wouldn't visit me again.

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