Monday, December 21, 2009

da la na ~

i'm here updating my blog again syok sendiri xD
last night kinda late sleep so today sing k session changed to afternoon edi :)
wake up bout 11am den went out around 1pm.
my fren force me to drive to times square today !
honestly i hope to drive oso d but dare not drive only kaka
kinda nervous and dangerous but den i drove to there safely leh xD
from 2.30pm sing till 5.30pm but den still felt like not enough @.@
once came out from Neway den met big head, miss secondary school frens ne~
next den accompany my fren bought christmas present and went to throw basketball :D
getting worse liao cuz good girl very less go to play and practice xD
neh, the one who improved liao means is bad boy owez go to play muahaha
it's edi around 6pm+ and i fetch myself back home ^0^
first time fetch my mum back from work oso na kaka
today my fren hav dinner with my family.
it as an appreaciation from my mum cuz he teached me many things and owez fetch me :)
when reached home edi very tired na.
my mum and sis dump me alone at house and they went out yam cha v my aunt.
such a happy day :D

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