Thursday, December 10, 2009


in the early morning when i woke up, all ppl went out edi :(
they no wake me up for breakfast cuz mum knew i 4am oni sleep last night.
what to do leh? i didn't set alarm oso.
after taken my breakfast at home and simply dress up and went out edi.
have our lunch at petaling street and walk around at there before my aunt back to taiping.
my sis bought a CD today which i ask her to buy - romantic classic music ^^

seen it still early and nothing to do after reached home, so i suggest go to jogging :D
after get permission from mum den went to the park at alam damai.
my stamina really so weak, after 2 small rounds den edi tired >.<*
in the evening, went to jusco hav our dinner and walk around there.
muscle continue pain again, soooo pity ~.~*
oh ya, get my results today.
as expected account failed edi.
others subjects still can accept although not very good.
the pointer is juz passed.
kwan lian, gonna pay more harder u noe ?
haiz, felt sad for my results RITE NOW :(

Not forgotten that wanna wish someone today.

my Dear Ming Yee wanna fly to HK liao.

wish u hav fun and enjoy d trip yea !!

miss you xoxo

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